1. Bao

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What’s the vibe? Mixture of trendy types wielding 35mm film cameras and tourists willing to queue for the best buns in town.

When to go? Very early evening (like 6pm) or late evening (like 8.30pm) – either way, you’re going to have to queue.

What to order? The pork belly bun (pictured above) and the classic bun are a must. The Horlicks ice-cream bun is also delicious for dessert.

2. The Frenchie at Southbank

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What’s the vibe? Extremely low-key. Located on Southbank at its outdoor weekend market, The Frenchie’s vibe depends all on the weather.

When to go? Fridays & Saturdays 12 – 8pm, or Sundays 12-6pm.

What to order? The duck fat chips with truffle mayonnaise and the duck confit burger (toasted brioche bun, duck confit, cheese of your choice, scratchings, chutney, truffle honey, rocket and mustard).

3. Egg break

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What’s the vibe? Simple, good food in a neighbourhood area of Notting Hill. Minimalistic café which isn’t stuck up or too trendy for its own good.

When to go? Breakfast, lunch or dinner – it’s open all day.

What to order? For breakfast you have to try the famous french toast (pictured above). For lunch and dinner the house stuffed flatbread and crispy chicken wings are a must. And pudding wise, the cereal-milk soft serve and chocolate pot are the way to go.

4. Boom Burger

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What’s the vibe? Loud Jamaican music, hipster festival-goers and greasy burgers are all the rage in this small restaurant located in the heart of Portobello.

When to go? Anytime from lunch to dinner. Particularly busy on weekends but there’s usually not a wait if you’re in a small group.

What to order? Boom burger (their signature beef burger covered in cheese and bacon jam) or the jerk boom burger (jerk chicken, fried plantain, rocket and mango & pawpaw sauce), along with plantain fries or jerk chicken wings.

5. Ranoush Juice

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What’s the vibe? No soul to the restaurant in that mostly people are popping in for takeaways, but late at night is when it comes alive with people drunkenly craving delicious Lebanese food.

When to go? Anytime as there’s never a queue.

What to order? The wraps are the best thing they do, so try the mixed shawarma or chicken shawarma wrap.