‘Who/ what is Abandoman, and why are you writing an article on them?’ I hear you ask! Well, let me enlighten you.

I went to the Edinburgh Fringe this year and out of all the shows I watched (ranging from naked men running around on stage to women juggling chainsaws), this was by far the most fun and memorable thing I saw.

Abandoman comprises of two Irish men, Rob Broderick and James Hancox, who dub themselves as “Ireland’s seventh biggest hip-hop crew”. Their show can be most accurately described as relaxed, creative, interactive and improvised hip-hop – though I still probably haven’t sold you (You: If I wanted to see hip hop I’d just buy tickets to a Kanye concert? Me: *chuckling inwardly* Oh you have so much to learn young sensei). The duo are animated, lively and absolutely hilarious, which is what you can expect at every show considering that Broderick is also a comedian. He provides the quick-fire lines and neatly spat bars, whilst Hancox plays the guitar, DJs, and manages the effects. No two performances are ever the same because it all relies on who is in the audience and what random items or situations people from the crowd shout out. In my case, some of the best raps centred upon an osteopath sitting in the front row who said his favourite pastime was playing Pokémon Go. As you can imagine, this made for an interesting rap to say the least.

Not only was it a marvel to see Broderick’s finesse at quickly conjuring up a complex and witty rap so multi-faceted, but it was generally just one big laugh the whole way through. As Fest Magazine so deftly put it, “I’ve yet to see an audience not go nuts”. They got people up on stage to groove out with them; they maintained a rapport with the front row and the volunteers throughout the show; they beamed the whole way through and they genuinely seemed to be enjoying it just as much as the audience.

If you want a feel-good show that’s also insanely smart, sharp and funny, look no further – Abandoman are your boys.

**FIVE STARS OUT OF FIVE FROM ME** Thank you, and good night.